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Loft House Studio is located in Downtown Chatham. We are husband and wife with one common goal of capturing monumental chapters in your book of life for you to cherish and hold on to forever with the power of a lens. Those honest moments of an unplanned smile or that quick glance to look over at your best friend, that instant feeling of pure love for that one person who gets you, that makes your heart beat and the one you want to be next to for the rest of your life.

We are very lucky to have found each other and have the privilege of working together. We understand love and the feelings we felt on our wedding day and capturing yours, making every shot personal and unique to you. We offer in studio or on location professional makeup services, photography and media design. If you are interested in booking Loft House Studio for the next page in your book or any questions please contact us.

Cheers! Rich and Koren Barry

Make Up

Every face is a new canvas. Makeup applications are customized to each client in a very comfortable and relaxing setting while enhancing everyone’s beauty to look and feel their most radiant.


We are very passionate about photography, love, life and what exactly captures the essence of who we are.


Your website will be designed to fit your business. We work together in understanding your business building a creative yet cost effective website

The Loft House Studio can meet all your business needs